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Offering a one-off purchase to our customers our stores are unique, we aim to for fill every customers requirement. Below is a list of what we offer in store:
Women’s Shoes
Men’s Shoes
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Monkeyshu Recycling

Here at MonkeyShu we are helping reduce landfill with our green credentials - every supplier that sells shoes to us is helping the environment by reducing waste. Every customer that buys from us is helping to reduce further waste and to ensure we get to almost zero waste we send everything we cannot sell to European Recycling to re-fix, reuse and repurpose. Thanks for helping do your bit for the planet whilst securing a fantastically priced piece of footwear.

Could you work with us?

Here at Monkeyshu we offer our customers a wide variety of brands. We are always looking for new additions to our stock, ability to offer a wide range to our customers is extremely important to us! We are always striving to discover new opportunities to work with different companies. We would be interested in any shoe brand and will buy faulty new, worn returns and past seasons stock, if you would like to enquire about working with us in the future please contact us on or call us on 07813169891.
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A) Most of our stocks are new,end of lines and new stock over runs.Some of the footwear has been worn for promotional work or tried on in the high street shops.
A) You can return any product within 7 days for a full refund,receive an exchange after 14 days.
A) Not at present,however if we do this in future we will update this page.
A) Depending on the circumstances, Yes.
A) No,we only buy stock directly from quality brands and do not buy worn or new footwear from the public.
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